• A hotel team member will greet the group and outline safety measures and procedures in place.

Necessary hygiene precautions will be taken at Reception to ensure items and surfaces are disinfected.

  • Guests can proceed to their rooms, taking note of social distancing guidelines and floor markings displayed around the hotel.
  • Should you require help with your luggage, the hotel staff will deliver your luggage to outside your room door. Here they will sanitise the luggage handle, knock on your door and walk away.

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  • All hotel team members will be provided with recommended PPE and will be fully trained in safety standards.
  • A group check in will be provided, all room key cards will be sanitised and placed into individually labelled sealed envelopes.
  • Hand sanitisers stations will be in place at the entrance of the hotel and at various areas throughout.

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  • If there are no incidentals to settle the room key can be put in the relevant box on departure from the hotel.

We want to ensure a hygienic payment process.

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  • Your guests can pay for any incidentals charged to their room the night prior to departure.
  • Credit and debit cards will be accepted as methods of payment and we would encourage you to use the contactless payment options available on all smartphones. At this stage we are unable to accept cash.
  • All PDQ machines will be sanitised between guests

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  • We request that you use the hand sanitisers provided before departure from the hotel.
  • Should you require help with your luggage we request that you leave your luggage outside your bedroom door at a prearranged time to be collected. This will then be taken to your transport and the luggage handle sanitised.